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Tablet Press

CFQ-1 Deduster

GZPK370 Series High Speed Rotary Tablet Press

PLC Control Rotary Tablet Press

QVC Powder Feeding Machine For Tablet Press

Single Punch Tablet Press

Tablet Press Machine For Big Size Tablet

THP Series Flower Basket Tablet Press

ZP5~9 Rotary Tablet Press

ZP10,12 Rotary Tablet Press

ZP15, 17, 19, 33 Rotary Tablet Press

ZP15D, 17D, 19D Rotary Tablet Press

ZP45 Rotary Tablet Press

ZP1100 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Model ZPF Rotary Tablet Press

ZPW20/22 Rotary Core Coated Tablet Press Machine

ZPW21A Rotary Tablet Press

ZPW23 Rotary Tablet Press

ZPW125 Triple-layers and multi-function Rotary Tablet Press machine

ZPY Series Rotary Tablet Press


Air Flow Drier

Belt Dryer

Fluid Bed Granulating Coating Dryer

Fluidized Bed Drier

tray oven

Centrifuge Spray Dryer

Double Cone Vacuum Drier

Vacuum Harrow Dryer

Vibration Fluidized Bed

Fluidixing Drier (cooling)

High Speed Rotating Drier

Vacuum Drier

Ampoule Filling Machine

1-20ml ampoule Washing, Drying and Filling Production Line-8

2-100ml washing, drying and filling production line

AAG4 Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

ALF Double Injection Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Coating Machine

Tablet Coating Machine

Sugar Coating Machine

Ointment Equipment

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Machine

Syringe Assembling Machine

Disposable Syringe Assembling Machine

Packing Material

Aluminum Foil

Internal Standard Ampoule (GB2637-1995)

Medical PVC,PVC Laminated Rigid Sheets

Heat-seal and Non-heat-seal Tea Bag Paper

Capsule Machine

Capsule Sorting Polosher

Capsule Polisher

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Soft capusle machine RG0.8-110A

Softgel machine RG2-I80A

Duotone Capsule Printer


CH Trough Mixing Machine

2D Mixer

Square Cone Mixer

Ribbon Blender

Double Auger Shaped Mixing Machine

3D Mixer

Double Cone Mixer

V Blender


Fluidized Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Mixing Granulator

High Speed Granulator

Oscillating Granulator

Rotary Granulator


Model B Series Dust Collecting Pulverizer

B Series Universal Pulverizer

Chinese Medicine Pulverizer

CSJ Model Rough Mill

QLDJ Fluidized-Bed Airflow Mill

SGF-130/180 High-Speed Pulverizer

Turbine Pulverizer

WF180,320 Dust Collecting Fine Crusher Set

WFJ15/60 Efficient Micronizing Pulverizer

Screening Machine

Model ZS Series Vibrating Screener

ZS Series Vibrating Screener

Packing Machine

140E/140IIF Intelligence Automatic Packaging Machine

KAF-420 Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

DPB-80 Flat Plate Auto Blister Packaging Machine

DPB-140 Flat-Plate Automatic Blister Packing Machine

DPB-250B Auto-Checking Forming Blister Packing Machine

DPB-250E Flat Plate Auto Blister Packaging Machine

DPB-420 Flat-plate soft(HARD) Plastic Blister Packing Machine

Automatic strip packing machine

DXD-520F automatic powder packing machine

DPP-250E AL-Plastic-AL Automatic Blister Packing Machine

DXD60C Microcomputer Automatic Packaging Machine

tablet counting line

semi-automatic electronic tablet and capsule counter




tablet press, dryer, granulator, mixer, capsule filler, ampoule filling machine

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