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Brief instruction

  1. Binary filling is the process of filling compressed air or nitrogen into the can, sealing the valve with a pouch, filling the raw material in the inner pouch of the can, completely isolating the raw material from the can body, and using the propellant with compressed air (purification) to replace propane butane liquefied gas, dimethyl ether, etc., thereby solving the trouble caused by the leakage of the raw material corroding the can. When the valve is opened, the compressed air in the tank presses the pouch to push the raw materials out of the tank. After the raw materials are completely squeezed out, the compressed air in the tank remains in the can, so the filling can be repeated. This can be changed by changing the valve actuator.
  2. This equipment has been widely used in medicine, sanitation, fire fighting, daily chemical industries, such as: cosmetic sprays, household fire extinguishing agents, computer cleaning agents, shaving foam, etc. The machine has fast speed, accurate filling quantity, good air tightness of sealing, and the inflation pressure can be adjusted to the required pressure at will.
  3. This machine assembles a sealing cylinder, a forced filling head and a filling cylinder, and the control part is controlled by a PLC controller. The sealing cylinder and the filling cylinder are controlled by several double air control directional valves. We design the whole machine on a workbench, which is safe and reliable, easy to maintain and operate.

1. The material contacted with liquid made of SS316L
2. The device operation interface can be programmed.
3. Equipment automatic initial pressure value display system
4. The operation action and speed can be set freely through the program
5. Control the induction system, set the can to reach the designated position before starting, safe and reliable, and also ensure the safety of the operator.
6. When the pressure value is insufficient, the device automatically stops, and the pressure automatically starts again after the pressure reaches the specified value. Achieve quality control safety in detail.
7. The safe setting of the initial pressure value, the initial pressure value of the equipment does not reach the specified pressure, and is not sealed and inflated. Reduce defective products, reduce waste of packaging materials, and improve quality control rate.

Main Technical Parameter:

Filling volume 30-580ml (water)
Air inflation pressure 0.1~0.5MPa
Sealing accuracy  ≤2%
Filling accuracy ±1%
Applicable aerosol can Height: 140~315mm, diameter: Φ35-Φ65
Working pressure 0.65-0.8MPa
Maximum air consumption 1.6M3/min 
Production capacity 5~14 cans/min
Binary main machine size 1200*802*1635mm (L*W*H)
Air consumption of equipment 1m3/min,0.8KPa
Parts contacted with liquid made of SS316L

Aerosol Filling Machine

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